Your cookbook is wonderful - not only in the menus you share but also as a way to celebrate a cultural history that has been an important part of the Italian-American heritage! Nice work! Dan B.

Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your cookbook.  Easy reading and so many wonderful recipes to follow.  Can't wait to try some if not all of them. Dorothy A.

Recently I purchased your cookbook Who Has Nana's Recipe?    I am 100% Italian and my mother's parents are both from Toritto (my mother's maiden name is Carbone and her mother's was Picciccinno).  When I read the recipes I was delighted to see a lot of my mother's recipes including her cherished Ingartendere with Honey and Raisin Sauce ( I didn't know it was called Raisin and Vino Cotto ).  We have had these at Christmas for years. Many a year I spent hearing her say "I need to make my cookies this weekend!"  Today, I showed her the book and she begged me to get a copy.  I just grabbed the last copy at Toadstool Bookshop tonight.  Now my neighbor and brother want copies! Patti G

I purchased several copies of your cookbook. The compliments received by friends and family on your family cookbook are tremendous.  Lou C.

I really think this book has touched the hearts of many people and maybe our family isn't so different at all in that we truly do cherish our family food heritage as do so many others and this has touch a nerve in many who read it. Roberta S.

I've already devoured it even though it's a present for my wife!  Can't wait for her (and me!) to try the recipes, but the most cherished part of it is the family stuff.  It's such a privilege to meet and get to know your wonderful family in between the covers of your amazing book! Steve H.

I really am very appreciative of the beautiful cookbook, even more so because I know of the rich family heritage behind it.  My husband and I have been drooling over the recipes, deciding what we will attempt first.  There were some surprises in there -for me. The first time my mother-in-law served fried zucchini flowers I thought it was a little strange.  Now I enjoy them, and when I saw the recipe in print I had to smile. Erica M.

My mother was so thrilled to receive your cookbook.  She loved seeing the old recipes from her mother's village.  She even wants to have you over for dinner sometime!   It certainly brought her some smiles.  For that I am extremely grateful!  Thanks for writing the book! Patti G.

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